Everything you need to produce a polished, lucrative and fun live-stream show that makes you stand out

In the old days only the big networks could broadcast their message at a moment’s notice. Now as long as you have an internet connection you can go live right this second! 

But will you? 

You should! In fact – about 82% of all internet traffic was a live-stream video in 2020. (Go-Global)

Going live on social media is one of the best ways to speak about your expertise, expand your reach and elevate your brand — but you’re avoiding it because…

  • You don’t know what to say
  • You don’t know how to produce compelling videos
  • You don’t know how to manage the technology 
  • You don’t like how you look on video 
  • You’re afraid to go live 
  • Or something else, whatever it is, it’s not helping you get your show on the screen

Think of all the opportunities and connections you’re missing out on if you’re not doing live-stream video. 

Since starting my own live-stream video show Inside Scoop I have:

  • Booked exciting new speaking engagements

  • Been hired for exclusive corporate workshops

  • Been discovered by the most ideal private clients

  • Increased leads and visibility in untapped channels

  • Created opportunities for high-value networking with thought leaders, experts and authors

  • Not to mention, I feel fantastic about my visibility - my show drives so much exposure and it’s easy because it’s the main thing I do, everything else falls into place because I produce my show

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet all your prospective clients, fans and followers in one powerful action – your very own live-stream show?

You can. 

That’s the power of broadcasting video. It’s a massive lead generator and revenue driver.

As an Emmy Award Winning Television Producer for two decades, I want to teach you all I know about producing stellar live video in this first-ever live experience where you can cut to the chase AND ask me your specific questions.