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Organizing Your Remote Office for Maximum Productivity

Working remotely gives you amazing freedom, but how you set up your office makes all the difference. To maximize your productivity, you need to be able to easily transition from home life to work life and back again. From setting up your physical space to managing your digital life, author and productivity expert Paula Rizzo can help you get more done when working remotely. Learn to harness your personal productivity style to create an intentional workspace; adapt any room, regardless of size; choose the right equipment and technology; present better during video meetings; organize your documents and files; and set boundaries with those you share space with. Plus, learn to plan ahead to take your workspace on the road—wherever business takes you.

Productivity coach, author, and Emmy-winning producer Paula Rizzo shares powerful tips to help you set boundaries to protect and take control of your time. Some things sneak onto your to-do lists that make you unproductive, unhappy, and stressed. Paula helps you visualize how much different your life, including your productivity and happiness levels, could look if crucial time is protected. Paula highlights the need to identify where you’d most like to be spending your time and to learn how to track your time consistently. She teaches how to set clear rules for whenever you are making decisions about your time and schedule. Paula covers the power of no and how to say it with ease and grace. Once you say yes, it’s important to stay accountable and set yourself up for success. In closing, Paula steps you through applying a strategy to set clear boundaries and stick to rules to get back your time and create a happier, more productive work and personal life.

The Power of Lists to Get Stuff Done

Best-selling author Paula Rizzo is so passionate about list making that she wrote two books on the topic: Listful Thinking and Listful Living. In this course, join Paula as she breaks down what makes lists so powerful, as well as how to use them to accomplish your goals. Explore the different types of lists you can make—from business to-do lists to gratitude lists—so you can pinpoint which ones suit you and your goals best. Get best practices for maximizing your lists, including how to create lists consistently and determine whether to opt for a digital or paper format. Learn how to identify your preferred productivity style, so you can lean into it to get more things d

Enhance Your Productivity with Effective Note-Taking

Productivity coach, author, and Emmy-winning producer Paula Rizzo shares her road-tested processes, systems, tips, and hacks for taking effective notes. Explore how to capture important information, process it effectively, and take action. Discover different ways of taking notes. Differentiate between situations where note-taking is critical and situations where it is not. Learn a simple technique to determine what information is useful, and get best practices for taking notes by hand. Learn strategies for using analog and digital notetaking together to your advantage. Explore some nontraditional note-taking methods, as well as proven techniques for generating great notes. Once you have great notes, then what do you do? There are shortcuts to make sense of your notes faster, so you can spring into action. Discover how take clear and concise notes for others. Learn how to plan ahead and come out of every meeting feeling empowered and ready to get things done.