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I’m always talking about the power of video for productivity.

Part of the reason video is so powerful is that it has the magic to connect you with other people. 

So when I realized I needed to make my 40th birthday party virtual, I actually wasn’t sad. It was really fun to put on my producer hat and produce my birthday — and it turned out fantastic. 

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Now that many states have ordered residents to stay inside to stop the spread of coronavirus, lots of meetings and interviews are happening remotely.

Even Jimmy Fallon is recording The Tonight Show from his house!

This means that you’re connecting with people from your home rather than face-to-face. 

While Jimmy Fallon can get away with recording from his kitchen table with his kids, you’ll probably want to make sure your videos are a little more pulled-together and professional. 

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We’ve all seen the news recently — the media is reporting on coronavirus (COVID-19) 24/7.

I worked in newsrooms for almost 20 years — I know how this works. Journalists are eager to find coronavirus stories, since it’s what everyone wants to know about. 

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