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Podcast to Catch a Killer Is a Brilliant Way to Get Media Buzz

Can you catch a killer with a podcast?

The Newport Beach Police Department in California sure hopes so!

They’ve launched their own six-part podcast series called “Countdown to Capture” to find wealthy businessman turned killer Peter Chadwick. He is charged with murdering his wife in October 2012 and then disappearing.

He’s been missing since January 2015 and cops are offering $100,000 cash reward for help finding him.

What they’re doing here is brilliant because they aren’t waiting for media to cover the story – they’re creating their own media content and sharing it.

This Podcast Is a Great Example of How To Produce Compelling Content

It does many things right:

  1. Creates a new hook on an old news story. Major media outlets are covering the fact that this police department launched a podcast to catch a fugitive. NOT that a fugitive is still on the loose – that’s old news and they likely covered it way back when it was breaking news. There was no reason to revisit it but this podcast has breathed new life into it. And guess what now that people are intrigued about this story you better believe that traditional media will dig into the backstory and publicize it further.
  2. Leads the conversation. You can control the conversation and don’t have to wait for a big media outlet to give you a platform. You can create your own platform. Content is king and should always lead the conversation. Now things are much different than years ago because we all have the technology at our fingertips to broadcast our own messages.
  3. Uses real people. Could they have hired a professional host to host this podcast? Yes. Should they have? That’s debatable. But what is great about using real people to tell real stories is that it’s authentic and intimate. Jennifer Manzella is a spokesperson for the Newport Beach Police Department and acts as host for the series. She’s not the most polished and I do think with a few tweaks she could be a better host but she gets the job done! (P.S. In case you’re reading Jennifer – speak louder! Fill the room with your voice when you record and you’ll sound more authoritative and your voice quality will be richer.)
  4. It’s short and sweet. Each episode is about 15 minutes or fewer. Great, perfect. The big mistake many content creators make is to go on and on via video or audio. Our attention spans are short and you have to keep the listener and viewer engaged.

Tell Your Own Story

This should be a lesson to every expert, author and entrepreneur out there.

You have all the resources that you need to start your own show or series to bring awareness to whatever your cause is.

Just start talking about it now. Get out there. Be seen so you can make a difference.

I for one am very curious to see what you’ll create.

Not to mention if the NPPD’s podcast actually leads to an arrest. Hats off to them for using technology and creating their own mass media to get their message out in a bigger way.

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    • Paula Rizzo
      Paula Rizzo says:

      So glad you found me and enjoyed this article! I had to share this podcast – I really think it’s an amazing way to get out the word and hopefully catch the bad guy. Especially now with true crime podcasts being so hot. Thanks for reading!


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