3 Reasons You Need Media Training Right Now

Think about one of the experts you see on TV over and over again.

Now think of someone you hear on the radio or on podcasts a lot.

Guess what they have in common?

They can hold their own on camera and give the audience information they can use.

Not to mention they also knew how to get a producer’s attention and become a go-to expert.

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I’ve spent nearly two decades as a television producer in New York City and even won an Emmy award. Most recently I was the senior health producer for Fox News Channel for over a decade. That means I’ve conducted a lot of interviews and booked a lot of guests throughout my career.

And I’ve seen it all – experts who freeze on camera, who babble their way through an interview or there was even the one who turned bright red the entire time and never returned to a normal hue until we hit the commercial break.

It was heartbreaking because all those media snafus can be prevented.

I’ve left network news and now I’m a media consultant and train authors and experts. Having someone who’s been on the inside and knows what will really get you asked back can make or break your appearances.

Here are just a few benefits to being media trained:

1. Confidence On Camera: What if you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to? Or what if the host is combative in some way? Yikes! Being able to practice these scenarios and your go-to responses is like gold for any expert.

 Some people don’t like being seen on video or being interviewed on camera. Practice makes perfect. When you’re being interviewed you want to come off cool, calm and collected. Plus you want to be sure your stomach isn’t in knots.

2. Get Your Message Across: I’ve always looked at media as a public service and as an expert you should do the same. You want to get your message across but don’t forget why you’re doing it. It’s to inform and to change someone’s life for the better.

Be generous with the information that you share and never say, “oh it’s in my book.” Nope! A producer will never bring you in again again if you come off as too promotional. Media training will help you to get your message across so you come off as an expert, not a salesperson.

Let’s be honest – television is a visual medium.

You need to look good. As soon as you grab a producer’s attention with your pitch idea they want to see what you look like and hear what you sound like. Media training will get you ready to pass any producer’s test and ensure you wear the right thing, sit the proper way on set and gesture appropriately without looking like Kermit the Frog flailing about. (Yep – I’ve seen this happen too!)

I know you might be thinking this all makes perfect sense but without going through some mock interviews and really trying it out – you’ll never know who you’ll perform. Nailing a media interview can make or break the success and life of your business or project. I’ve been on the other side of it too and believe me it pains me to know that the media isn’t interested in doing a commercial about the things I’m poured so much time and energy into. But they just don’t. They want experts who have an opinion and who can help their viewers or readers in some way. You have it in you but sometimes it takes a little media training to pull the genius out!

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