How much business do you think you get from every media mention? 

It’s not easy to gauge and it depends. 

You may hear from clients that they found you thanks to a particular mention in a magazine or TV segment. 

But I’m a big believer that media begets more media. That’s why you shouldn’t be a snob when it comes to which opportunities you take. 

So how can you tell which piece was responsible for your new business boom? 

I recently caught up with my friend, marketing expert, Ilise Benun. We recently spoke in Chicago at the HOW Design Live conference and she told an amazing story about a single media mention that got her business for ten years! 

Before Ilise was a marketing person, when she was a professional organizer. This is probably why we get along so well! Incase you didn’t know – I’m a productivity author and have two books on list making – Listful Living and Listful Thinking. 

I couldn’t believe my ears! I’d never heard of such a thing and I to find out more so I interviewed her and you can watch the video here

So what can we learn from Ilise’s story?

Understand your niche! Too many people try to broaden their business (and their media pitches) to catch as many clients as possible. But that can often water down your brand and your message. 

Ilise worked exclusively with creatives for years. Narrowing your speciality doesn’t have to mean narrowing your audience. 

Is there a piece of media that brought you a surprising amount of business? I’d love to hear your success stories in the comments below!

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