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Amplifying Your Work with Books

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Books can boost your platform, brand, message, or business. And help you gain more media exposure. As a TV producer for many years, I can tell you when producers are deciding between two similar experts, they choose the one who is published. I know I did.

However, the process of writing a book proposal and reaching out to agents can be intimidating. I get it. I’ve written two books (Listful Thinking and Listful Living) and have a third in the works. (It’s fiction, can’t wait to share!)

But you can’t let fear stop you. If you want to reach more people, it’s time to get started on your book.

I spoke with publishing expert, coach, and host of the Bound + Determined podcast, Richelle Fredson, on my live-streaming show Inside Scoop, to help you start amplifying your work with books.

Here are four things to know when working on your first book proposal to amplify your work.

1) Be Prepared for the Three Points of Resistance.

The first is: Overwhelm. You have an idea, but don’t know where to start. So you never do.

“There’s a lot of conflicting information out there and a general lack of transparency when it comes to the publishing space and what’s required to break through and get your agent, publisher, and your publishing deal.” Richelle said.

After you get over the overwhelm, comes the second point of resistance: Vulnerability. 

Aside from the book boosting your business’ profile, it also expands your audience’s knowledge of you and how your business got started. You’re sharing your personal journey. And that’s scary.

“People are going to see you in a new way or hear something about me they don’t know yet. And that’s vulnerable,” Richelle explained.

Once you beat overwhelm and the fear of being vulnerable, you’re onto the final point of resistance: Comparison. There are thousands of reasons to stop or rush through writing your book.

“There’s already 20 books on the market that cover this topic. So and so wrote their book so I guess I better hurry up and write my book,” Richelle said.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing or already written. Your book will be unique just like your business, brand, or message.



2) Highlight Your Core Brand.

You might be very used to your messages, but your new audience members are not. “Never assume people already know what you know,” Richelle said.

While you have been sharing your message on other platforms, this is your first book. So you have to start from the beginning, just like you did everywhere else. 

“Publishers want first books from authors that are directly tied to their core brand or business,” Richelle added.

You will have opportunities to evolve and explore other things in future books.

3) Publishers Look at Your Platform.

Publishers are interested in your platforms for two reasons.

The first is to see if you know your audience. “Come to the book proposal knowing what people want from you. What pain point you’re solving. why you’re the absolute person to do it,” Richelle said.

The second is to know that there’s a market for your book. “They’re looking for proof that your audience exists and that there’s a market that’s ready for it,” Richelle added.

Knowing why people follow and interact with you on social media or what made your business popular is information will make your book proposal more specific and your pitch stronger.



4) You Don’t Need a Totally New Idea.

Agents and Publishers don’t want a completely new concept. “People think, ‘I need a brand new idea, I need something that’s never been discussed before.’” Richelle explained.

Those ideas are high risk.

They want a new spin on a familiar concept.

“What are you bringing to something that’s tried and true that is yours? Whatever it is, it’s more likely your personal lived experience more than your professional trained experience,” Richelle said.

You are your brand. And people want to get to know you. What’s going to make your book stand out isn’t something no one has ever heard of before. It’s your take on something people thought they knew everything about.

For more information about using books to amplify your work, watch our entire conversation here.

And download Richelle’s free Book Publishing Roadmap here.

BONUS FREEBIE: Your message deserves the media’s attention. So how do you get out there in a bigger way? I’ve got you covered. CLICK HERE to grab my free “Checklist to Become a Go-To Media Expert.”

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