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2021 has flown by and it’s almost 2022! I thought it would be fun to look back at my productivity predictions from last year!

Here’s a look back at my thoughts for 2021 and my predictions for 2022!

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When you set out to write a book, you probably dream of the moment it becomes a reality — when you’re holding the finished product in your hands. And you might also fantasize about that book becoming a bestseller.

But to make your book publication-ready and successful, you need to enter the process with intention.

Industry expert AJ Harper knows this well. 

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You have great ideas. Yes, you! But are you giving them the best chance of reaching your audience?

I’m talking about virtual presentations. You might be thinking: “I’m great at presentations!” Okay, but are you great at virtual presentations? It’s a whole new skillset! 

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When I transitioned to working from home after almost 20 years as a TV producer, I soon realized that I needed to get dressed to keep up my productivity and professionalism.

So many people are coming to the same conclusion now that working remotely is on the rise — what you wear really matters for your work and how others perceive you.

Even if you’re planning to return to the office when the pandemic is over, dressing professionally can be a challenge. That’s especially true if you’re a speaker or author who does TV interviews or produces video!

If you’re looking for tips on how to create a wardrobe that really works for your needs, Cass Sethi is here to help. I spoke with her on my live-streaming show Inside Scoop. Cass is a personal stylist and runs an amazing business with a fabulous Instagram profile, Next Level Wardrobe.

Here are Cass’s top five tips for dressing for success:

1. Don’t get TOO comfortable.

When you’re working from home, it’s all too easy to roll right out of bed into a meeting. That means no “Zoom shirts” and no PJs. I know it’s hard to resist, but Cass says you’ll be glad you put the effort in (and I can confirm). It helps your productivity to get dressed and get in “work mode.” 

Getting dressed also helps you create boundaries between work and your home life, which is especially important when you’re working remotely. I actually have a whole course on this topic — you can check it out here!

Cass and I agree that it’s good to still be comfortable when you’re working remotely — I always wear slippers, for example. But setting limits on loungewear will set you up for success. 

2. Stock up on basics. 

First off — basics don’t  mean boring! Cass recommends items that fit your body and your style so well that you can just throw them on easily without any fuss.

In particular, Cass loves a well-fitting button-down shirt. She says it elevates your style and looks approachable yet professional. 

3. Have fun with accessories. 

When Cass’s clients tell her they want a little bit of “pop” in their outfit, she always recommends accenting with accessories. That could be a statement earring, lipstick, necklace, or even nail polish.

This lets you experiment without looking unprofessional or distracting your colleagues, audience, or clients. That’s especially important when you’re doing video calls or interviews. For more information on doing your makeup for video, you can check out this article.

Plus, with virtual meetings, your background becomes another kind of accessory! Cass says that adding a plant or some other small visual interest can allow your background to reflect your personality without detracting from what you’re saying.

And no virtual backgrounds, unless you’re using them in a social setting. Stick to minimal, neat (and real) backgrounds in professional contexts.

4. Head in the right direction.

When it comes to what’s on your what’s on your head — hat and hair — Cass says less is more. Baseball hats are definitely off the table on Zoom calls, because they block your face.

If you’ve let your hair grow wild during quarantine, Cass recommends finding a DIY haircut video or adding a little bit of product to tame it. 

5. Buying? Invest in core colors first.

When it comes to buying new items, Cass recommends staying with your core colors: gray, white, black and navy. Shop for basics in those core colors and then focus on more colorful items that you can use to add pops of personality. 

And when you want to buy something, Cass recommends skipping the Instagram ads and finding the piece from a trusted company. Finding high-quality pieces that will look great and last for a long time is key.

If you want to hear the rest of Cass’s tips, you can check out the full episode of Inside Scoop here. 


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Confession: I never went to college for list-making. I don’t have a degree in productivity.

But I’ve written two books on the subject, appeared on TV and podcasts to discuss it, run a blog about it, and have a LinkedIn newsletter, LinkedIn Learning courses, and live-streaming show where I talk about it an awful lot.

Yep — I’m a productivity expert! And I became one by speaking and writing about everything I know on the subject.

If you feel like you’re not “expert enough” to start talking about your knowledge, you might have an expert obsession.

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As a former TV producer, video has been my whole world for almost 20 years. But in 2020, video became part of everyone’s lives as meetings and celebrations turned virtual because of the pandemic.

I’m so grateful for the power of video to connect us during this difficult time. Even with the first COVID-19 vaccine shipments on their way, video is not going anywhere.

Now that people are starting to realize how video can transform productivity and create human connection, I predict it will continue to be a big part of our lives in 2021.

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I’ve been singing the praises of video for a long time. And the rise of remote work with the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up so many new opportunities to use video. (Check out my LinkedIn Learning course here all about how to set up your remote office for optimal productivity.) 

The biggest change is probably the popularity of Zoom — who among us hasn’t spent countless hours on Zoom since March 2020?!

“Zoom fatigue” is a buzzword we’re seeing everywhere now — and it’s one of the most common issues when it comes to incorporating video into your daily interactions with colleagues and clients. 

Sometimes everyone needs to be live on Zoom — and there are things you can do to make those meetings more productive.

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Now that so many people are having video meetings, lots of questions about virtual etiquette are coming up.

In my LinkedIn Learning course, Organizing Your Remote Office for Maximum Productivity, I cover how to look best in video meetings. One of the students asked me a question about virtual backgrounds so I figured why not also create a blog post about it. 

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Are you getting sick of being on video calls? 

Now that so many more meetings are happening virtually, it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed. And that makes sense. 

Video calls require a lot more energy from you than talking in person because you have to be “on” all the time. You have to be engaged with the camera and concentrate more. 

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