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2022 Media and Productivity Predictions


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2021 has flown by and it’s almost 2022! I thought it would be fun to look back at my productivity predictions from last year!

Here’s a look back at my thoughts for 2021 and my predictions for 2022!

1) Better home offices.

I definitely got this one right. More people have remained working at home or entered into a hybrid work environment in 2021. If you’re still not satisfied with your at-home set up, join me for my LinkedIn Learning course “Organizing Your Remote Office for Maximum Productivity.” Or if you’re going into a hybrid role check out “Be an Effective Hybrid or Virtual Employee.



2) Media interviews from home.

Television stations have become used to calling on experts from home because of the pandemic. I did a virtual interview with WPIX in New York recently about how to handle holiday overwhelm. And I’ve done several others with different outlets throughout the year. This is going to be the new norm so make sure your home studio is set up!

3) Videos. Videos. Videos.

People love short, sweet video content — and if you’re not already making it, you’re going to be left behind. As we discovered this past year, Tik Tok is not just for teens. So repurposing content is here to stay. And one of the great things about video is that you can edit it and use it in so many ways. This past year, we saw videos turned into audio podcasts, longer videos turned to shorter clips, and videos and images included in blogs and newsletters.

4) Virtual collaboration and learning.

Zoom and virtual meetings are here to stay. Another byproduct of work remaining remote or going hybrid, video conferencing is now a permanent part of our lives. Because it’s better to be getting sick of video calls than running yourself into the ground and getting sick with a cold!

Another benefit to virtual collaboration is the use of pre-recorded videos! I love using Vidyard! It provides clarity and human connection in a way emails and texts can’t. I also love using Marco Polo, a video messaging app, with my friends and family. If you haven’t mastered using pre-recorded videos, start now.

Another example of on-demand videos being on the rise, is LinkedIn Learning. It seems like everyone’s course catalogues have exponentially increased in 2021. I personally released 4 new courses this year!



5) New ways to recharge.

Mini breaks, such as reading a chapter of a book, listening to a podcast, watching an episode of TV, or taking a short walk, definitely rose in popularity. It’s one of the reasons people love working from home! Treating yourself throughout the workday helps maintain your work-life balance and keeps you motivated.

What I’m predicting for next year…

1) Side hustles.

Even after finding new roles in 2021, many people continued or started side hustles that they’re passionate about. This coincides with “The Great Resignation” which has been going on since the beginning of the year. Many people left jobs for better pay or hours, to take care of their mental health, or for something they’re passionate about. And that’s a trend we’ll see continue into 2022. Here’s an article I wrote for Entrepreneur about how to make time for your side hustle.

2) AI productivity.

Artificial intelligence makes life a lot easier. People definitely took advantage of that this year. AI tools are finally getting advanced enough that they’re user-friendly and helpful. Otter.ai is great for meeting notes, and Skype Translator can translate meetings in almost real-time! And with hybrid work environments and working from home remaining, AI productivity tools will be even more prevalent next year.

Have a healthy, happy, and productive new year!


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