Master This Tool: Pre-Recorded Video Messages

I’ve been singing the praises of video for a long time. And the rise of remote work with the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up so many new opportunities to use video. (Check out my LinkedIn Learning course here all about how to set up your remote office for optimal productivity.) 

The biggest change is probably the popularity of Zoom — who among us hasn’t spent countless hours on Zoom since March 2020?!

“Zoom fatigue” is a buzzword we’re seeing everywhere now — and it’s one of the most common issues when it comes to incorporating video into your daily interactions with colleagues and clients. 

Sometimes everyone needs to be live on Zoom — and there are things you can do to make those meetings more productive.

But you can get all the benefits of video meetings without actually having everyone meet at the same time.

This is where pre-recorded video messages come in! These are messages that you can pre-record for your colleagues or clients for them to watch whenever it’s most convenient. 

The idea of doing a “pre-record” is nothing new in the world of television that I come from. The idea is that you set up like it’s the real thing and record the video whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Using this same idea in your life and your business will alleviate stress and make you more productive too. 

These videos could be tutorials, answers to questions, or key information. This is such a flexible form of communication — you can use it for almost anything!

Using these pre-recorded videos has been a total game changer for me. Clients often email me with questions, and I send them back a video answering! Sometimes my clients even respond with a video, which I love. 

Pre-recorded video is the best of both worlds — the convenience of an email but the human connection of a video call.

Here’s how you can get started with pre-recorded video messages today:

  1. Pick a platform! There are lots of apps and platforms you can use for different purposes. Sharing a Google Drive link to a video is one simple way. You can also use apps like VidYard, Covideo and BombBomb! If you’re recording a tutorial, I suggest Loom (you can also use Loom for just recording yourself!). Some of these tools even embed right into email as well. (I also love Marco Polo for more informal messages with friends and family.) 
  2. Explain to your team or clients that you’re going to be using these videos, and encourage them to do the same. Not a lot of people are doing this yet, but my prediction is that it’s going to catch on — so get ahead of the curve and help your colleagues do the same! I did a training for a group of sales people to help them get more comfortable on camera and they’re now using video to follow up with prospects. 
  3. Make sure you’re being concise, clear, and professional in your videos. If you’re rambling, using filler words, not looking at the camera, or are hard to hear, people aren’t going to listen. If you need some help sounding natural and friendly please fill out my strategy session form and perhaps I can help!

How are you going to use pre-recorded video messages? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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