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Shooting Compelling Video 101


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We’ve all gotten used to living our lives on video over the past year. And video is here to stay, so if you want to grow your business or connect with your audience, this is a medium you need to master.

I spoke with videographer and producer Kristian Golick on my live-streaming show “Inside Scoop” about common questions about doing video — and how you can become a pro.

Why video?

As a former TV producer, I’ve been spreading the word about video for years. Kristian and I talked about one element of creating video that  is key: It creates a connection between you and the viewer. Just like we all feel like we know our favorite TV reporters or movie stars, your audience can get to know you through your videos.

Kristian knows from personal experience how powerful this connection can be. Kristian has been a videographer for years, creating videos from business as well as wedding films. But he never got in front of the camera himself until 2018, when he created a short video to address a common question among his clients about raw footage and what to do with it.

When he sent it to his clients, they expressed how much it helped them get to know him as a person. In fact, the feedback from that video was so positive he closed $10,000 in business and he’s continued to create video content ever since!

What content should I be creating?

Kristian says that his first video taught him an important lesson about content. Think about the questions that you get most often, then create videos addressing those. 

Should I do live or pre-recorded videos?

While there are pros and cons to both live and pre-recorded videos, Kristian and I both say that live videos can save you time (and energy) once you get the hang of them. Live videos help you get over perfectionism, too. Plus, they keep you accountable, since if you said you’re going live at a certain time, you’ve got to stick to it! Of course, you can always re-use your recorded live content. 

That’s what I do with my live-streaming show Inside Scoop. Kristian and I did this interview and now as you can see I’m using the content now in a different way – as a blog post. 

What set-up should I use?

Kristian says you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a set-up that will make your videos look professional. He uses a light from Amazon that cost about $100, and placed it above him and angled down. He also taped a piece of wax paper to soften the light. The placement of the light is key to avoiding glare on his glasses, Kristian explained. (Make sure you check out the video we did together here so you can see his explanation.) 

Don’t worry about creating a set-up that looks too polished — you don’t want people to think your videos are ads, after all!

What should my background be?

Like me, Kristian is not a fan of Zoom backgrounds. He either makes sure to have a clean, neat real background, or he uses a green screen if he needs to replace his backdrop. The green screen is key, Kristian said, because it ensures the background is consistent and doesn’t cut off your ear or hands, which often happens with Zoom backgrounds. 

Where should I post my videos?

Kristian has two suggestions. The first is that you should post where you already have the most audience engagement. If that’s Instagram, go for Instagram. If that’s Facebook, post there.

Kristian’s second suggestion is that you should match your content to the platform. Tutorial-type videos, for example, work best on YouTube. But if you want to do shorter videos, try Instagram Stories. 

How often should I post?

Consistency is key. If you do Instagram stories, try a short video every day. For YouTube, post once a week. When people know to expect content from you, they’ll be more likely to tune in and get to know you. (That’s why I host Inside Scoop every week!).


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